Half-Day Hiking Tour in Old Goris

Goris is special among Armenian cities. In addition to its unique history and architecture, and its famous mulberry vodka, it is also worth visiting to explore the craggy rocks and stone pinnacles that surround the city.
Join me for a half-day hike past St. Hripsime church and the graveyard in old Goris. Take photos of our volcano rocks, stretching like needles towards the sky. Then climb the large hill or small mountain instantly recognizable in any panoramic view of Goris. At the top of “Lasti Khut” we can enjoy a great view of the city, and can watch many huge birds soar. I’ll bring high quality binoculars, which you are welcome to use.
Thanks to UK visitor Fiona Chesterton for sharing her photos from our walk.
Interesting in other walking tours in Goris? Check out my city walk and learn more about the city’s writers, buildings and famous lavash. We can also hike from the abandoned monastery Great Hermitage of Tatev / Tatevi Mets Anapat / up to the monastery at Tatev, enjoy the fascinating view of old Khot and old Khndzoresk.